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As someone who lives with extreme hyper-mobility, like Cirque de Soleil performers, I have avoided seeing a chiropractor all my life. Keeping my joints in place is a goal I work hard to achieve, so the thought of someone using brute force to manipulate them is terrifying. However, a vertebra in my neck slipped out of place and, try as I might, I couldn’t get it back where it belonged.

So, I went to see a chiropractor. She agreed that she needed to be careful, so she did only the minimum, which didn’t work. Chiropractor #2 threw caution to the wind and not only scared me badly by very roughly manipulating my body, he conceded defeat after working on me for only three minutes.

Since a close relative with hyper-mobility spent five years as a patient in the Bloomingdale PT office of FOI, I knew that I could trust the people there to help me without hurting me. After getting a prescription from Dr. Jackson, I saw Dr. Ramirez. He took the time to learn my history, looked at my x-rays, and agreed that hyper-mobility complicated my care. He spent about 45 minutes checking for nerve damage, improving blood flows, and loosening surrounding muscles. Then he very gently turned my head to the side and the vertebra (which had been out for four months), slipped back into place with no pain at all. He then checked out my posture and even my jaw and made additional adjustments, again with no pain. I followed up with PT for several weeks and then saw Dr. Ramirez again. My neck has recovered and I am extremely pleased! I highly recommend this very fine chiropractor.