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Today, I went in for a minimally invasive bunionectomy at the Temple Terrace location. Ironically, I wasn’t scared about the procedure itself. I have a phobia of hospital needles and injections so having to have the IV put in me and a few nerve blockers in my leg was terrible for me. I vocalized this concern to the nurses and physicians who were taking care of me and I honestly could not have been treated better. They made the two things I was dreading the most swift and as easy as it could be. They talked me through everything and wiped my tears when I couldn’t do it myself. I grew up seeing my mom in the hospital so I can’t say that I have had a good relationship with it. I have seen hundred of different nurses tend to my mom so I know how to identify the ones that care. Every single encounter I had was so pleasant and kind. Thank you to everyone for making this experience such a pleasant one.