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I recently had knee replacement surgery done by Dr. Mehrotra at Tampa General Hospital. At my first visit, he was attentive to my explanation of my problem. We decided to do a recheck in three months to see if my knee stability had worsened and of course it had. We opted for a total knee replacement after discussing the pros and cons of a partial vs. total replacement. The surgery itself went very well. I didn’t have nearly the pain I thought I would have. After the surgery, Dr. Mehrotra called my husband and talked with him at length. He answered all questions my husband has so that my husband felt comfortable with my care. I highly recommend that anyone considering knee surgery check out Dr. Mehrotra. He really cares about his patients and getting them back to their previous levels of activity. His administrative assistant, Jessica is an invaluable part of his team. It’s never fun to have surgery, but this team made it so much easier than I would have imagined. Y’all rock!!