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An amazingly skilled surgeon who is not afraid to take on other doctors’ mistakes! No challenge is too difficult for this experienced surgeon as he thrives on repairing and restoring lives! I met Dr. Sanders after over three months of improper care by another surgeon in Fort Myers which resulted in a non-union of my compound ankle fracture. My care required six surgeries which included a bone graft to replace over two inches of degraded tibia, caused by infection from three soil-based bacteria. At one point, when we were exhausted from treatment and considering amputation, Dr. Sanders pleaded not to give up as he refused to give up on me. 14 months after my fall, I was restriction free on my way to restored life thanks to Dr. Sanders. Dr. Sanders strives to achieve perfection from day one, but that does not mean it will be quick. He does things the right way which requires time and patience. Dr. Sanders is an amazing doctor whom I now call a friend. Thank you so much for restoring my life!