Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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I saw Dr. Armaghani after rupturing a lumbar disk in October. The treatment began conservatively, which is of course, appropriate. But as the pain increased, it was decided I would have an outpatient surgery called a microdiskectomy. You can google this surgery for details, but long story short, modern medicine is wonderful! Especially when it is practiced by someone as efficient and skilled as Dr. Armaghani. It took about two hours and I was up and walking immediately after I woke up. I have had no pain since. The surgical entry point itself was only mildly uncomfortable and felt just fine after about three days. I slowly built up how far I was walking to about 45 minutes a day and at my six week appointment, yesterday I was released to resume all physical activities. All this to say again, wow! I am so proud of Dr. Armaghani! Obviously, he is a skilled and intelligent physician, but let me add to that, he is very kind and has friendly manners. I feel very blessed to have found him and have this issue resolved in such a timely fashion. Yes, I am proud of and for him. If I ever have any more issues, I know that I’ll be in good hands. Thank you, Dr. Armaghani. All the best.