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I’ve been dealing with knee and upper thigh pain for 3 years. I’ve been to other facilities that advised me there was nothing I could do. I came to Florida Orthopaedic Institute for a second opinion and within five minutes of handing my MRI results to Dr. Morse, he advised that I need surgery. He was able to give me an anti inflammatory medicine that helped me cope until my surgery. I was scared out of my mind! The staff at FOI could see it on my face. I have such a new profound respect for what they do. They all took great care of me from the moment I stepped in the surgery center at 5 a.m. The receptionist knew what I was going through and was awesome. They took me back and my anxiety shot through the roof! The nurse Kierston was so amazing in calming me down. The anesthesia doctor was professional. His assistant Charlene is a saint and an Angel from above! My biggest fears were being put down/asleep. Before she administered the anesthesia, she was talking to me and walked behind me so I really did not know what was happening. I felt a little burn for a split second and next thing I knew I was waking up. For surgery, it was the most pleasant it could have possibly been! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope I someday will be in a position to help all of you! P.S. All my pain is gone! I was walking on my knee the same day. Unbelievable. Great job everyone!