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I had total hip replacement on my left side at the end of October. I started PT 2 weeks later at the Brandon facility. My PT team consists of Nishit Patel, Tricia Kelly and Haley Todaro. I can’t give them more than enough praise! They have truly given me the best personalized treatment possible. They take the time to listen to my concerns, discuss what my work and recreation lifestyle is like and how best to create a PT plan that fits me. They have also evolved my personal PT routine due to a new discovery with my left femur. I feel so much more confident in my recovery process and already see positive progress in my strength and balance! They’re also helping me create a post-PT workout regime for the gym which I can do by myself to continue my strength and recovery plan. If you have any say in where you go for PT, go straight to FL Ortho in Brandon. You won’t be disappointed.