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My experience at the doctor’s office was exceptional. The whole staff: secretaries, nurses, Brian the physician assistant and Dr. Palumbo were very caring and professional. Dr. Palumbo told me of the options I had for my total knee replacement. One of the options was a total knee implant that is custom made to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. They do this by having a 3D CT-SCAN done to your knee and later create an implant to fit your size and anatomy. That’s the one I chose. One week before the surgery, I had an orientation at the hospital regarding how to prepare for surgery and what to expect after surgery, which I found very helpful. I had my surgery at AdventHealth Tampa and in the afternoon, I was able to walk with the assistance of a physical therapist. The next day, I had physical therapy at the hospital and walked the whole ward twice with my therapist. Later, I was discharged from the hospital. During my short stay at the hospital, all the personnel were courteous and caring. For two weeks, I had physical therapy at home. Then, twice a week for four weeks at Dr. Palumbo’s physical therapy facilities in Wesley Chapel. I can fully extend my leg and I can bed it 120 degrees. Right now, I am walking without pain and I only use a cane to feel secured. I feel a minor discomfort when I am laying down on my bed, but the doctor said that it should go away soon. I am happy that my recovery was quick and with minimal pain. I can resume my normal life thanks to Dr. Brian Palumbo and all the people involved in the process. God bless them all!