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In 2005, I had a failed fusion of my left subtalar joint. I had gone through a failed fusion of my talus joint, as well as many other surgeries to this post-trauma foot and ankle. I couldn’t take the pain anymore and was ready to submit to a below-knee amputation when I was referred to Dr. Roy Sanders, who was described to me as the world’s leading authority on foot and ankle reconstructions. Dr. Sanders successfully fused my left subtalus. He also performed a tarsal tunnel release of my entrapped nerve. Then, in 2016, my right subtalar joint failed. I was not able to have the surgery done because I was a full-time caregiver for my wife at the time. In November of 2019, Dr. Sanders performed a complex reconstruction of my right foot. He is an orthopedic superstar in my book, and something of a legend in his profession, having developed many of the procedures now used for foot reconstructions. I highly recommend Dr. Roy Sanders and his orthopedic team at FOI.