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I have known Dr. Grant Garlick for a number of years back to when he first came to town. As an OR nurse at TGH, I know how he works, his expertise in surgery and the way he treats his team and his patients and their families. This is why there was no question when it came to selecting my surgeon. Just as I expected, I was welcomed into his practice. My examinations, x-ray and MRI were thorough and explained in detail. My options were presented and I was given time to select which treatment I chose. I tried several minimalistic options first. I finally opted for total knee arthoplasty. The preparation for surgery, the surgery itself and post-op expectations were explained including possible complications to my satisfaction so the decision was easy. The pre-op visit at Memorial Hospital was also a complete and pleasant experience. My experience with all facets of my care was extraordinary! Caitlin, Dr. Garlick’s administrative assistant, was my go-to-girl. She answered all my questions promptly. I am now 5 weeks post-op and my pain level is very low. My incision looks great and I am able to climb stairs already. My range of motion far exceeds our expectations. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Garlick, the staff and all aspects of my experience. I highly recommend them. May God bless all of you as you have blessed me.