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Dr. Garlick performed my first left total knee replacement surgery three years ago and my right total knee replacement surgery in 2019. Within five weeks, after each surgery, I was able to return to my daily activities, especially daily exercise at the local YMCA, free from any pain or discomfort. I was able to fully use the stair master, stationary bike and walk the treadmill without any discomfort or range of motion restrictions. Thanks to Dr. Garlick’s outstanding surgery skills and his excellent post-surgery physical therapy programs, at age 70, I am enjoying the blessing and gift of pain free active living. I highly recommend and commend Dr. Garlick not only for his gifted surgery skills, but also as a caring physician who sincerely cares for his patients and their return to full mobility. By the way, Dr. Garlick is assisted by an excellent staff of caring professionals.