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It’s a fact. Shoulder replacement surgery is one of the toughest orthopedic surgeries in which to recover. There, now that the obvious truth is out there, I can tell you my experience. My replacement surgery was life changing. I now can sleep through the night. I don’t have chronic pain that used to shoot through my arm. I can reach to a top shelf and stretch without discomfort. I got back to the gym and I am participating in activities that I had put off for years. No regrets. Dr. Mighell was my surgeon. When I met him, I was made to feel at ease and this erased any fears I might have had. Fast forward. Today, at my follow-up (one year) we discussed the future of my inevitable other shoulder replacement. In other words, I trust Dr. Mighell and FOI staff to schedule my next surgery. Thanks, Dr. Mighell. See you in 2020.