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I experienced an unfortunate accident at home where my ankle was dislocated and several bones fractured. Dr. Pappou was on duty at the hospital that evening in the emergency room. Dr. Pappou could not have been more honest explaining the severity of my injury and how it was going to be repaired. He explained the procedures and gave me realistic time line to the recovery. I am now recovering as expected. The surgeries went extremely well. I had no idea how long it takes for an injury like I had. The entire staff from Dr. Pappou to Jennifer, his assistant, to Steve fitting me in the correct support device. From X-ray to front desk, the professional service was delivered. Physical therapy is right there at the office location. this injury was unexpected as any accident would be. Florida Orthopaedic Institute, as a team, made the healing process as comfortable as possible. I always knew what to expect and given a timeline to the next step. Thank you, Dr. Pappou for being on duty that evening of my accident. I am working on getting back my mobility and walking on my own now. There is still more recovery time but knowing what to expect is the key to getting active again!