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I was in a car accident on Christmas Eve. My knee and two places in my tibia were fractures and my ankle was shattered. Dr. Infante was the orthopedic doctor on call that particular day and I thank God that he was the doctor on call. He came to my hospital room to introduce himself and his team to me. He explained everything about my knee, tibia and my ankle. He explained everything he had to do in surgery. I had two major operations. When the final cast came off…my scars were barely visible. Dr. Infante is an artist when it comes to making an incision on your body. The rest of the staff was absolutely amazing. Liz and Teresa, his administrative assistants were fabulous. These ladies went out of their way to help me. Dr. Infante and Austin PA-C are so caring for each and every patient. They really take the time with you so you understand your healing process. Florida Orthopaedic Institute at 560 S Lakewood in Brandon is the best in the world. Thank you Dr. Infante and your staff!