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Dr. Gasser is the most skilled, intelligent and absolutely the most caring and compassionate orthopedic and medical doctor my husband and I have ever experienced. He has taken me and my husband, from not being able to walk without a cane due to being bone on bone with our knees, and put us on Euflexxa gel injections for the past several years. My new x-rays shows that since the first round of injections, there is no further decline in bone on bone in my knees. He has ensured through persistence with his medical knowledge that this particular gel was imperative for my well-being. My husband and I have a great quality of life due to Dr. Gasser. Thank God both Medicare and my BCBS Federal Plan approves Euflexxa. His assistant Kathy always ensures that she returns my phone calls and gives me truthful guidance and assistance. While she is truly taxied with helping all of Dr. Gasser’s patients, she always does it with her beautiful smile. His staff always gives professional and caring help by always being right there to help. Director of Quality Assurance, Kathy Denemark, oversees injections and truly does her best to help and answer my questions.

Dr. Gasser is to the point, in medical care, because he knows what he is doing. We trust him with our knees and if surgery was ever required, we would trust him with our lives. Thank you Dr. Gasser and Kathy for being our medical team.