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I had emergency surgery to save my left leg in 2010 from a serious accident. This resulted in a large screw in my hip joint and screws in a plate connecting to my femur. My leg was three-quarters shorter requiring a shoe lift to walk correctly. For about the last three years I had extreme trouble walking any distance without pain. Dr. Grayson, after looking at me, said he could fix my issues with a total hip replacement and a bonus lengthening my leg to normal length. I agreed and had MAKO assisted robotic surgery. All went well. After a few months of rehab at home, I’m now walking normally again! It used to take me four to five rest periods to mow my lawn, but now I can do it all at once without pain! I can now walk completely free of pain and complete all my activities while wearing normal shoes! Dr. Grayson is the man to see for hip problems. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I am so thankful for his follow-up care.