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Been here twice in a week and both experiences were great. First, I went into the urgent care as a walk-in. From check in to leaving, my visit was about 35 minutes. The girls up front were extremely nice, answered all my questions and showed compassion when they heard my story. My next visit was a follow up that was scheduled before my walk-in. Same thing, girls up front were great. My appointment was scheduled at 9:45 and they told me to arrive 30 minutes early for paper work (I was a new patient). I arrived at 8:57 by my scheduled appointment time. I already went over my x-rays with Jessica. She checked my other issue (the one that I walked in for prior). I had more x-rays done and I was meeting her again to discuss a treatment plan! Jessica was so informative, she made sure I knew what I was looking at and spoke to me in understandable medical language! She answered all my questions and had me scheduled for a procedure the very next day. She told me what to expect and went over in great detail what will be done. Dr. Shah did my procedure and upon meeting him for the very first time, WOW! He introduced himself to me and my family and kept contact with us as he was going over what will be done and how it will be done! He assured me that I will be fine! He answered all my questions and made me feel better because I was freaking out. After the procedure was done, he made sure that he went out to my family and again told them what was done, how it was done and how well it went! Dr. Shah stood close by while I was waking up to see how I was feeling and answer any additional questions!