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From the moment you enter the building and follow the ‘zones’, you are whisked into an efficient and caring environment. My first visit included efficient paperwork completion, direction to x-rays with no waiting time, then back to my doctor. Elizabeth, Dr. Garlick’s PA, was funny, helpful and a delight. Benzena was so helpful and kind and loves what she does. Kayleigh at the front desk was attentive and able to make things happen quickly. Dr. Garlick is a gem. His love of life, affection for his team and deep desire to solve the issues for his patients is outstanding. He made me feel relaxed, we explored many options and we finally decided on a ‘non-surgical’ procedure. You can imagine my delight. From being told initially that I’d need surgery and two months on crutches instead to a crazy big injection (I chose the injection). If you want to work with a team who is highly skilled, professional and also cares about each person who enters the building, check out Dr. Garlick and his talented team at the N. Dale Mabry clinic.