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As a snowbird in Florida, I was experiencing leg pain and thought it was a shin splint. I chose Dr. Grayson because he was listed as treating sports injuries. Dr. Grayson took an x-ray, examined my leg and thought it may be a muscle strain. I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory for two weeks. I feel that Dr. Grayson went the extra mile as he also sent me for an ultrasound to make sure I did not have a blood clot. Nothing was found and in two weeks, my leg pain was no better. Dr. Grayson sent me for an ABI test and that when when we found that I had PAD. I am now being referred to a vascular surgeon. I am thankful that Dr. Grayson did not just think about orthopedics. He also thought outside the box to find out why I was having leg pain. Thank you, Dr. Grayson!