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While visiting my daughter’s family in Florida I fell and broke my elbow.  In fact, it was completely separated.  Not having any idea whom to call, Florida Orthopaedic Institute was suggested by a New York Orthopaedic doctor contact. When I called for an appointment on a Monday, I was able to see Dr. Jason Nydick the next day.  From the smiling young ladies at the front desk to Nurse Jacquie and Administrative Assistant Erica. I was treated with the utmost kindness, care, efficiency, and professionalism. When Dr. Nydick talked with me, I realized he surrounded himself with people of like qualities.  At once I felt confident in Dr. Nydick and his medical decisions.  I am definitely pleased with the results of this surgery which occurred on Nov. 20, 2017.  Already much of my range of motion has returned without having to go to rehab, but just by doing simple daily exercises on my own.  I would highly recommend Dr. Jason Nydick and his staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute to all!