Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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I have experienced lower back pain for years.  While I would have flare ups that were extremely painful, I knew they would pass and while I could not do all the things I used to without pain or extreme caution, I could function.  I could walk, I could drive, I could power through.  I was not someone who would ever allow myself to miss a day of work for my back.  Over the last year, the flare ups became more frequent and the intensity seemed to be increasing.  I began seeing Dr. Armaghani around May of 2017.  He ordered the appropriate scans and shared with me that there was a surgery (Micro Discectomy) that could relieve a great deal of my pain due to a herniated disk at L5 S1.  The thought of surgery made me a little nervous and Dr. Armaghani worked out a plan with me to try some less invasive options first.  About 3 months later I found myself again needing to see Dr. Armaghani for another flare up.  Dr. Armaghani continued to respect my concerns about surgery and we began a plan to try some other on surgical strategies.  I experienced a change in condition unexpectedly resulting in completely debilitating pain and some other emergent symptoms.  Dr. Armaghani, his PA & ARNP collaborated and responded rapidly to get me in a facility, assessed and into surgery quickly.  As soon as I came out of surgery, I had an immediate return of function.  I also realized the pain was completely resolved.  Today, I have minimal remaining pain and cannot thank Dr. Armaghani & his staff for doing all they could to give me back my life and helping me to avoid permanent damage. Through this experience, I found Dr. Armaghani to be extremely knowledgeable & competent as well as noting he has exceptional bedside manner.  I was extremely grateful for his empathy.  When things became more urgent and other facilities had treated me like a chronic condition he listened and recognized what was occurring.  He explained what was occurring to my husband and I and he then stayed late at the hospital to make sure I received the care I needed.  My family and I will forever be grateful to him and his team. For anyone in a similar condition who is told they are a candidate for this surgery, I would say to them you don’t have to live in pain.  You don’t have to push on through just because you can.  The relief is pretty much immediate.  Don’t wait until you risk permanent damage.  Lastly, I would highly recommend Dr. Armaghani and his staff!