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I had a proximal humerus break in my left humerus in Feb 2016. I did not have surgery initially and went through physical therapy to try to regain my range of motion. Unfortunately, scar tissue formed and I had to have an arthroscopic release in Jun 2017 and continue physical therapy. The therapists have been excellent at continual manipulation but progress was limited. I had Dr. Ramirez look at what he thought could be impeding my progress. His ability to utilized different techniques have had a very positive effect, resulting  in my gaining additional range of motion with less pain. It has been a long road to recovery but I could not have completed it without the dedicated staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. Dr. Ramirez has been the catalyst to move me further toward my goal of regaining  range of motion. Everyone at the FOI Bloomingdale Therapy center is GREAT – from the office staff to the professional therapists to  the staff physician, Dr. John Ramirez. They are always so helpful and pleasant. Even though this has been a trying experience, they made it as pleasant and fun as possible. The number 1 priority of the Bloomingdale team is always focused on your well being and helping you recover from your injury.