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Two months ago almost to the day Dr. Miranda performed a total hip replacement on my right hip. He used new technology to custom-fit the artificial implant in my hip, based X-Rays and MRI’s. He also performed the surgery using the anterior approach, from the front of the hip/thigh, which reduces recovery time. I am one happy patient. I did my physical therapy religiously, but every therapist I worked with was impressed with how quickly I went from walker to cane (2 weeks) to no cane (2 weeks) to riding bikes and golfing (7 weeks from surgery). I am a 61 year old woman who is relatively active and at least 30 pounds overweight. I feel like a new woman who can once again enjoy the sports and activities I love. Dr. Miranda did a superior job and I felt that I had a surgeon who is up on the latest advancements regarding total hip replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. Miranda.