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After an evening of skipping with my five year old niece, my Achilles tendon snapped. After eighteen hours in two different emergency rooms, my sister learned about Florida Orthopaedic Institute and I was able to see Dr. Epting. Dr. Epting was kind, caring, and confident. He listened to our story, gently examined my leg, and calmly explained what he recommended as my next steps. He asked us what questions we had and provided additional answers. I had surgery four days later. Dr. Epting spoke with my mom and friend in the lobby, again offering to answer any questions they had. He came to say hello to me prior to surgery and answered additional questions. I appreciated his openness to address concerns we had prior to the procedure. It alleviated a lot of anxiety. In addition, pre-surgical nurses, surgical nurses, and anesthesiologist were all amazing, funny, responsive, and helpful. The surgery went beautifully. I am looking forward to my two week follow-up. Dr. Epting was everything you could hope for in a surgeon; highly capable, responsive, caring, and direct. I am so grateful to benefit from his skills. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience. I would absolutely recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute.