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I am forty-two years old and a lifelong runner. Three years ago, I started experiencing pain in my right hip that I thought was a pulled muscle. I saw my primary care physician and he diagnosed me with just that and prescribed rest and stretching. After a year of following the doctor’s orders, the pain had still not gone away. I spent the next two years seeking opinions from other doctors, where I finally decided my running days were over, and I would live with the pain. Then, my urologist suggested I visit Florida Orthopaedic Institute where I made an appointment to see Dr. Yi. On my first visit, he viewed prior x-rays I had done, had another set taken, and within five minutes diagnosed me with FAI. He was very thorough in his explanation of exactly what was causing my pain and how it progressed over the past three years. He also explained my options for a surgical repair vs physical therapy. I opted for the surgery which I had done a few weeks later. I am now three months post-surgery and I can only say I wish I had visited Dr. Yi three years ago when my pain first started. The recovery was minimal and I am back to normal activities, including some light running, with no pain. I would recommend Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Yi to anyone in my situation. I really cannot speak highly enough of the care and expertise he provided, especially when I had decided there was no getting better.