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I had a severe injury that tore my labrum after having a seizure due to an adverse reaction to medication. The labrum was repaired nicely however, I was still in pain and developed arthritis in my shoulder due to the trauma. Dr. Nydick suggested a shoulder replacement. He and I were hesitant due to my young age, thirty-nine years old, but there were no other alternatives and living in pain was no longer an option. The replacement went great and my recovery time was well above normal progression. After a few months, I had regained my full range of motion and was able to take less and less of my pain medication. Today, I am pain medication free! Thank you so much Dr. Nydick for your patience and determination to fix my problem. You truly are a masterful surgeon and I would highly recommend Dr. Nydick to anyone in need of shoulder treatment. Dr. Nydick, along with the entire staff at Florida Orthopaedic Institute, were fantastic and I could not have had a better experience. Thanks again!