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Physical Therapy Telemedicine

By April 17, 2020February 8th, 2024Announcements
Physical Therapy Telemedicine

Seeking to implement new methods of care for patients during the developing COVID-19 situation, Florida Orthopaedic Institute has found a resolution through telemedicine. Offering the service for both clinical appointments and physical therapy, the orthopedic practice can now virtually treat and rehabilitate patients while they remain in the comfort of their homes.

“Telemedicine is extremely simple to set up,” said Paul Lopes, Director of Physical Therapy at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. “The patient receives an email and clicks a secure link which places them in direct audio and video connection with their Therapist. That’s it!”

Allowing patients to virtually meet with their physician or therapist and not having to come into the office, telemedicine greatly reduces the risk of potentially coming into contact with the coronavirus.

“Telemedicine is a great opportunity for patients to receive skilled Physical Therapy guidance when unable to take part in a more traditional, face-to-face experience,” said Jason Schoonover DPT, ATC at FOI Brandon.

Ensuring that quality of patient care remains at the highest of standards, telemedicine continues to develop the patient-physician relationship.

“They really like it. This is a very valuable service to our patients,” said Gavin Hawken, MPT, Therapy Supervisor at FOI Citrus Park.

Patients must see an FOI physician for an evaluation before being referred to Physical Therapy. To schedule an appointment with an FOI physician, please call our Scheduling Department at 813-978-9797.