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Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

By January 31, 2020May 20th, 2022You Should Know...
outpatient joint replacement surgery

Outpatient surgery is becoming increasingly more popular in terms of surgical care when it comes to joint replacements. The term ‘outpatient’ is derived from the patient’s ability to have surgery and return home all on the same day. In the past, joint replacement surgery would require overnight hospital stays.


“Outpatient joint replacement is in evolution at this time,” said Dr. Thomas Bernasek, arthritis and adult reconstruction surgeon at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. “It is estimated that within the next five years, roughly fifty percent of the joint replacements that we do will be as an outpatient.”


With advanced technologies, the advent of robotics and a highly skilled staff trained in same-day surgery, Florida Orthopaedic Institute’s surgery centers offer quick relief for qualified patients seeking hip or knee replacements.


The most common joint replacements done in an outpatient setting are hip replacements, partial knee replacements and total knee replacements. Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery certainly offers several distinct advantages over the inpatient setting, however not all patients will qualify for the procedure, commonly due to factors such as overall health, age, weight and insurance


“I think the biggest benefit of outpatient surgery is the patient’s ability to return to activity more quickly,” said Dr. Bernasek. “Our intention is to not only provide the best patient care, but to improve care for everyone by the research we produce.”


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