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Opioid Alternatives with Dr. Barna on 970 WFLA Tampa Bay

By November 20, 2017 May 22nd, 2019 FOI in the News

970 WFLA Tampa Bay

Posted By: Fingers
October 31, 2017

Learn more from Dr. Steven Barna of Florida Orthopaedic Institute as he discusses the opiod crisis in Florida and opioid alternatives with Jack Harris on 970 WFLA Tampa Bay.

Dr. Barna starts with a history of the rise of opioids due to an influx in chronic and acute pain. Unfortuantely, opioid addiction can lead to an overdose death. He continues to discuss the different alternatives to opioids, specifically ones that will not cause addiction or cause physical harm to the patient. These are the types of options that Florida Orthopaedic Institute offers, including physical therapy, chiropractic visits, and acupuncture.